Anton Kovach
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Anton Kovach

Anton Kovach is a talented graphic artist, artistic painter, who lives in the westernmost region of Ukraine – Transcarpathia. He has taken the best from the local school of painting: cheerfulness, lush colors, love of local nature.

Kovach received an academic education, since 1991 he has been working as a teacher and taking part in exhibitions, including international ones: in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia. His works are purchased by museums and private collections in Ukraine and Europe.

Anton puts the level of craftsmanship above genre specifics. He is convinced that the key to the artist’s success is quality education and extensive practice. One of the important episodes of Anton Kovach’s creative work were murals in several churches, notably, he performed the first work in a Catholic cathedral, at the age of twenty!

His great coloristic gift comes from nature, but constant work and experimentation with themes and forms allow him to be multifaceted and always interesting.

Anton is not afraid of novelties- recently he created a series of erotic graphic works, where he used only black and white colors.

Kovach has an excellent command of the realistic style with a lush, abundant palette. He creates magnificent still lifes, landscapes, portraits, where national elements are combined with universal cultural ones.

There is one important theme in his work – bullfighting, the confrontation of a torero and a bull. The artist uses powerful open colors for these dramatic subjects in flat, accentuated decorative stylistics. The visual beauty of bullfighting is an opportunity to talk about the confrontation of light and dark elements in man himself.

Anton Kovach is sure that art can refine people’s tastes. And every artist should be responsible to society for his/her art.

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