Ukrainian photographer Anastasiia Krutota
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Ukrainian photographer Anastasiia Krutota

In the works by Ganna Kryvolap, like in Margarita’s works, bright, strong combinations of colours play the main parts.

Ukrainian photographer Anastasiia Krutota works in the “Lowlight photography” style and knows how to see great beauty in small things – in her photo world time slows down, light works wonders, and objects turn into diamonds.

Anastasiia developed her love for photography as a child. Her father had a passion for photography in his youth and talked about it with great interest. Many moments from his childhood were captured by his friend, a professional photographer, who initially and unknowingly set high standards. One day Anastasiia saw a National Geographic magazine and fell in love – such shoots became her dream and the photographers of the publication became her heroes. Steve McCurry, who got famous in 1985 for his picture of an Afghan girl on the cover of the magazine, is still being followed by Anastasia!

When Anastasiia started working in professional photography, she was faced with the need to do numerous custom photo shoots. The conveyor belt atmosphere quickly became boring, and Anastasiia even left photography for a few years. She needed time to understand that there is work, routine, and then there is creativity, where the artist is completely free. He chooses what is interesting to him in the vast field of contemporary photography, finds his own recognizable signature style.

The style of Anastasiia Krutota’s works today is called “Low light photography”. It’s characterized by taking photos under low-light conditions, and the idea is to capture what is difficult to capture. You see a lot less low light photography because of the main principle of photography, you need more light and the more the better. Asya is of the opinion that many beautiful moments are happening “in the shadows” and she tries to show them at least partially. This style allows you to create different lighting effects, it seems as if time slows down and meanings multiply. Anastasiia’s photographic world is characterised by the dense materiality, people and objects, like diamonds, are immersed in the dark velvet, and against its background they appear with unique beauty. Anastasiia is generously gifted by this ability to see beauty in small fragments of reality.

Anastasiia Krutota experimented with film for the aesthetics of the process, but now mostly shoots digitally on a mirrorless camera. She travels in search of inspiration, works on various projects (among them a synthesis of photography and collage, but details are still a secret!), and is the creative director of the G.ART gallery art platform. She has also worked in design and learned how important high-quality visual content is, and how hard it is to find this kind of content in the public domain. Anastasiia shares her work on a free resource and now she already has 3 million views from users all over the world!

There has never been a more problematic genre in the history of art than the nude. It was born out of a natural observation: naked hunters running along cave walls, the lush Venus of Willendorf, created almost 30,000 years ago. Still, there is no genre more beautiful than the nude. Even today it poses difficult technical and aesthetic challenges to artists. Several artists working with nudes are presented on G.ART online platform.

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